[room 209m] week one confessions

August 25, 2016


Last week was week one of school. Let’s just say it was a tough week. Since I teach a self-contained, special day class for students in kindergarten through second grade, I have many returning students this year as well as some new ones. My returning students surprised me. I thought that a switch in rooms would really throw them off. In fact, they were actually able to adjust quite quickly and were physically ready for learning again (even if their brains were still a bit summer-y).

My new students, on the other hand, were quite the other story. These new kindergarten babies all went to preschool, but clearly were not ready for the big transition to big kid kindergarten. It doesn’t help that many of them are extremely young for their grade. In fact, one of them is still four years old! This means we’ve been practicing routines and procedures like nobody’s business and it’s just so boring I’m about to lose my mind … but for sure I’d rather practice them now in order to maximize our learning time the rest of the school year.

To help with learning rules and expectations, we read the book David Goes to School by David Shannon. They loved this book and so do I. In fact, I made them all student copies and they “read” them everyday during independent reading time. It’s actually pretty cute … until they start whining and crying again … ug.

Week one bulletin board


One Response to “[room 209m] week one confessions”

  1. annalice said

    sounds tough but at least you have some of the same students

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