[good reads] the bfg

August 28, 2016


goodreads-thebfgLike the rest of the country, I recently decided that I really needed to read The BFG by Roald Dahl because the movie came out and I didn’t want to see the movie before I read the book! Unlike the rest of the world though, I had never read The BFG before. I’ve read a couple of Dahl’s other books like James and the Giant Peach, but for some reason never got around to this one. I figured I was in for an easy read and I was right, though I’ll be honest, when the Big Friendly Giant talks, you really have to slow down your reading roll in order to understand what he’s saying. According to the story, giants don’t go to school so they don’t know how to speak properly. Dahl does an amazing job making sure the reader can understand what the giants are saying even though so many of the words they say are wrong and the grammar is all over the place. It’s really quite interesting. In fact, the entire story is quite interesting and I just loved reading this book. I missed out on such a gem as a child … good thing this movie made me read it now!


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