{yosemite} the upper falls

September 4, 2016


Even though we weren’t able to stay in Yosemite Valley, we got up early in the morning and drove into the Park. From there, we decided to do the Upper Yosemite Falls trail. This very strenuous 3.5 one-way hike is a steady climb almost the entire way up. It does lead to pretty amazing views of the Upper Yosemite Falls and ends at the top of these water falls where you get to see the snow-melt run over the cliff forming the fifth tallest waterfall in the world! Looking down in the Valley, everything looks so small and I just am amazed at the fact that I was able to climb all the way to the top! Once there, we also took a shorter detour over to Yosemite Point, which offered lovely views as well.

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An upper photo adventure:








2 Responses to “{yosemite} the upper falls”

  1. annalice said

    so majestic!! you also have the best jumping pics daj!

  2. attrace said

    I’ve done this hike before! I fell twice coming down though haha

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