{harbin} heaven lake

September 7, 2016


Heaven Lake is a crater lake, atop ChangBai Mountain, straddles the border between China’s JiLin Province and North Korea. If fact, the international border runs right through the lake.


The lake sits about 7,000 ft (2,189 m) above sea level. The altitude is above tree line. The condition is blustery. Winter coat is a must, and rentals are available. You have to be a little bit lucky on the day of your visit, as the mountain top is often foggy and weather condition can change quickly, to obscure the lake from view.



From the map, this snowy slope should be on North Korea side of the lake.


From time to time, there are rumors of the Heaven Lake sea monster(s). Much like the Lock Ness monster, it has yet to be positively identified.

Lower down, at altitude 1,250 m, there is a small ChangBai Fall. The vertical drop is only 68 meters. A large boulder splits the water into two streams.


4 Responses to “{harbin} heaven lake”

  1. annalice said

    wow this is so pretty!! you got great pictures bab

  2. allisence said

    I wonder if North Koreans ever consider swimming across this lake as a means of escape…

  3. skwchang said

    The water is probably too frigid for swimming. If you can make it up that high, you can probably just walk across the border. North Korean refugees crossing into China is a big problem for China. I assume there are security troops on both sides, keeping people from illegally crossing.

  4. attrace said

    Wow looks like you lucked out on a pretty clear day! I like how there are winter coat rentals hahaha

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