[room 209m] week three playdough

September 8, 2016


Now that there’s some semblance of normalcy in the classroom … later is better than never I suppose … we’ve also started some more exciting things like art class. I just love the art teacher at my school. Seriously there are few individuals who are so welcoming to my students and truly want to meet them where they are and let them have a chance to explore. Anyway, she started class this week and the kids had a blast creating all kinds of things with her homemade playdough. I love projects like these because it naturally differentiates. I had students making all kinds of scenes with people, other students rolling all kinds of spheres, and another who was only willing to start getting used to the texture that is playdough due to sensory issues. It didn’t matter though because every student was able to explore and create at their level and it’s always a relief to see them having fun.

Color mixing


Snake family

Marble-like spheres


2 Responses to “[room 209m] week three playdough”

  1. annalice said

    everyone loves playdough! so versatile

  2. attrace said

    I’m glad you have such a creative and caring art teacher at your school!

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