[good reads] see me

September 11, 2016


goodreads-seemeI feel like most Nicholas Sparks books are the same, or what from what I can remember they are all pretty familiar. There’s a girl and there’s a guy and for some crazy reason they can’t be together, but then in the end, they end up together because life is always romanticized. When I happened upon this new book at my local library, I decided to give it a try even though I wasn’t too keen on reading about other people’s romantic successes at the time. In the end, See Me by Nicholas Sparks turned out to be so much more than your typical romantic story. In fact, there were guns, mentally-unstable characters, the police, detectives, blood, gore, and even murder. There were even times when I thought the girl in the story was crazy and perhaps she was the one dreaming up all the crazy that was happening in her life. I was wrong. The resolution is even crazier than that because who you think is the bad guy doesn’t turn out to be the bad guy at all. And the guy who seems like a rather insignificant character is actually the mastermind behind the whole thing! I won’t say anymore though because I’ve already said too much!


3 Responses to “[good reads] see me”

  1. annalice said

    oh my!! a must read!!!

  2. attrace said

    Did they come out with a movie of this yet?!

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