{sf} de young art

September 12, 2016

There are a bunch of museums and other visitor-orientated places that require admission that have free on certain days. The famous de Young Museum is free every first Tuesday. It’s a rare event that I would get a chance to visit during a free day, but I actually did and boy was it a great experience, albeit a bit crowded because who wouldn’t want to take advantage of free admission?!?

I know people who go to the de Young regularly because they love it so much. Since my visit (which was my first) I decided that I really do love it here, too. There’s just so much to see including special exhibits (even though those were off limits to those taking advantage of free admission). I especially loved walking through and being able to recognize certain pieces due to their famous creator and seeing others that were equally appealing even though I had never heard of the artist before. If you’re ever in San Francisco on a first Tuesday, this is for sure the place to be!

A de amazing photo adventure:














2 Responses to “{sf} de young art”

  1. annalice said

    very modern!!

  2. attrace said

    I went to a wedding that was held at the de Young a few years ago!

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