[room 209m] week four departure

September 15, 2016


When you teach in a highly transient area, you just never know what students will come and go. In general I feel like in the two cities and districts that I’ve taught in, because I teach students who are in a separate class, parents work hard not to move them if at all possible. What I mean to say it, I feel like my students often return year after year and my numbers generally grow during the year as more students get placed in my room especially since nobody really moves away.

All of that is what makes Tuesday all the more of a shocker!

I see one of my students sitting in the cafeteria with his dad and sister eating breakfast as they usually do. Then the dad and sister leaves so dad can bring sister to her class. My student is now sitting with the rest of my class finishing up breakfast. Dad comes back into the cafeteria and drops a bombshell on me. “It’s XXX’s last day of school here.” He says this in Spanish and he kind of mumbles in general so all I said was, “Que?” He says it again, “It’s XXX’s last day of school here. We’re moving to Los Angeles tomorrow.” I’m so dumbfounded all I can say is, “Today is his last day here?” Eventually my brain was able to process, but WHAT?!? Who moves to LA on a Wednesday?

And just like that … I’m down to 9 students.


One Response to “[room 209m] week four departure”

  1. attrace said

    What?? How jolting that must be for the kids too!!

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