{sf} tawla tapas

September 17, 2016

While my family was in town, we wanted to try a couple of places that I wouldn’t normally go to. One place my dad found in the Mission is located just a mile away from where I live so we were able to walk there and not have to worry about parking. Tawla is a relatively new space that specializes in Eastern Mediterranean food. We didn’t know it before arriving, but this place serves tapas and they recommened 3 tapas per person O_O. That’s a lot of tapas costing a lot of money. Luckily, they also have a few larger options at the bottom of their menu that’s meant to serve more than 1/3 of a person’s appetite. In the end we ordered a couple servings of the fresh bread, some Muhammara to eat the bread with, the Charred Cauliflower, the Burnt Octopus, and the Samakeh Harrah (giant whole fish dish). Everything turned out to be delicious and surprisingly, we all ended up full thanks to the giant fish. What a relief!


Palate cleanser

Fresh bread and Muhammara

Charred Cauliflower

Burnt Octopus

Samakeh Harrah


One Response to “{sf} tawla tapas”

  1. attrace said

    Good thing we got that fish! Otherwise it would have been like $500! The cauliflower was so good though!

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