{sf} where the land ends

September 20, 2016

Yesterday, I shared about visiting the Sutro Baths in the Lands End area of the Outer Richmond district in San Francisco. Only visiting the Sutro Baths wouldn’t have been a good use of my time. Hiking around Lands End made the visit worth while. While at Lands End, my friend and I hiked the Coastal Trail which brought us from the Sutro Baths all the way to Eagles Point. The first half of the trail until you get to the sunken ships and Mile Rock was very crowded, but then there were far fewer people even though the view of the Golden Gate bridge as you continued walking got better and better.

The most famous part of Lands End though (I think) is the Labyrinth created by local artist Eduardo Aguilera. After its creation, this stone labyrinth was actually vandalized and destroyed, but local volunteers helped the artist recreate it. Now isn’t that lovely?

An ending photo adventure:







One Response to “{sf} where the land ends”

  1. attrace said

    I still need to visit here!

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