{harbin} heilongjiang – russian border

September 21, 2016


HeiLongJiang, the Black Dragon River, or the Amur River on the map, divides China from Russia. (The China border province is also called HeiLongJiang Province, which could be a bit confusing).


While, the Chinese border town JiaYin butts right up against the river, the nearest Russian town is some 40km away.

China side

Russia side

In JiaYin, there are good amounts tourism establishment – shops, hotels, eateries. They must all be for Chinese tourists, because there is no method of entry available for Russians to cross the border into JiaYin. Certainly, no reason for Chinese tourists to cross to the Russian side, because there is nothing on the Russian side.

We took a boat tour running along the international border down the middle of the river.


A closer look at the Russian side, there were just a few old houses, or troop barracks.


There were patrol boats ready to chase us away, had we strayed into Russian territory.


Notice, both sides have watch tower. Not sure how much trust there are, but you certainly want to verify!



One Response to “{harbin} heilongjiang – russian border”

  1. attrace said

    Interesting…you were so close to the Russian border! I remember laulau saying before that she learned some Russian when she was younger because of the soldiers stationed near her hometown!

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