[room 209m] week six apple tree

September 29, 2016


Since it is now fall, we can officially start doing fall things. This phase doesn’t last long in my room though because as soon as October is in full swing, we move on to Latino Heritage Month. In any case, of course in the fall everyone learns about apples. We are no different. Last week we read the book Apple Farmer Annie by Monica Wellington. On Monday we worked on identifying the main character (which you can probably guess is Annie). On Tuesday we worked on identifying the setting (which you can probably guess is the apple farm). On Wednesday we sequenced pictures from the book. Thursday is a short day so we don’t have read aloud. Then on Friday we made a class apple tree. Students each wrote a fact they learned about apples on an apple then colored and cut out the apple. Then we created a tree together before they taped their apple to the tree. Last we hung the tree outside of the classroom in the hallway for all the admire. As you can see (even though I can’t show you their faces) the students were quire proud of their apple tree!

Posing in front of our amazing apple tree!


One Response to “[room 209m] week six apple tree”

  1. annalice said

    Fall is nice but I don’t like that the weather is getting colder!

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