{melaka} kampung morten

October 1, 2016

Kampung Morten (or Morten Village) is a traditional Malay village in Melaka, which I definitely had one my list of places to visit. Since most of the bigger cities I visited in Malaysia were fairly modern, it was interesting to get the opportunity to see what a traditional village looked like prior to such modernization. The area used to be very quiet and residents went about life as they normally would but since the village was announced as a heritage village under Malacca’s Preservation and Conservation Enactment in 1989, it’s become quite the tourist attraction. It was neat to see the traditional roofs and way that the houses were built on stairs. Even more striking were the tiny versions of the village homes in front of some of the traditional full-sized ones. Hmmm…

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A kampung photo adventure:









One Response to “{melaka} kampung morten”

  1. annalice said

    wow! this looks pretty awesome!

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