[good reads] there are no shortcuts

October 9, 2016


goodreads-noshortcutsThere’s a special education teacher that I quite respect. She was my mentor teacher at one of the schools I student taught at when I was in grad school. Later, she became a colleague when we ended up teaching together at another school. Recently, I saw her even though we no longer work together and she recommended the book There Are No Shortcuts by Rafe Esquith to me.

She said that when she read the book that the author reminded her a lot of me in terms of the drive that the teacher had and the passion he had (still has) for his students. I take that as quite the compliment.

After reading his book, I don’t think I can live up to anything close to how this teacher lives and breaths for his students, but I agree with the message that he teaches his students. This man teaches fifth grade at “The Jungle”. I think it’s even more true for my students who have disabilities. The message that “there are no shortcuts” is one that all students (and adults) need to hear and understand when it comes to life. Too often in schools there are parents who believe that they can take shortcuts that won’t negatively impact their kids resulting in kids thinking that they can take shortcuts in their own education with no lasting negative impact – when in fact they are wrong. There are no shortcuts for hard work and learning. And for my students with disabilities, not only are there no shortcuts, they have to work twice as hard as everyone else just to get to the starting place that many typically-developing kids take for granted. How much more then do my students need to understand the concept that there are no shortcuts?!?


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