{sequoia} day 1 of 3 perfect adventure

November 6, 2016

I visited Sequoia National Park for the first time for the perfect 3-day adventure. Join me in reminiscing about this amazing place. Here’s day 1.

On the road into the Sequoia National Park, we stopped at this outlook point, which really wasn’t that impressive as an outlook point, I’ll be honest, but was still a great chance to strength out legs and take in the fresh pine-scented breeze.


Welcome to Sequoia National Park!


There were lots of fields filled with these yellow flowers. We weren’t sure what they were exactly, but reminded me a little bit of wimpy sunflowers.


Our first hike of the trip was to Tokopah Falls. We didn’t know if there would be any water in the falls, but there was water in the river down below so we were hopeful.


The climb was steadily uphill, but nothing too difficult.


In the end, the falls were dry, but it was still interesting to see the rock formations that normally sit behind the waterfall.


Then we made our way south to visit the most famous General Sherman Tree.


In the area, we decided to hike the Congress Trail, which brought us to the most beautiful McKinley Tree. I think McKinley was my favorite Giant Sequoia of the trip.


It was a rare sight, but seeing clusters of Giant Sequoias was really neat. This cluster called “The Senate” was incredibly impressive.


What a full first day. Time for some camp fire dinner, time to gaze up at the stars, and tent sleeping.


One Response to “{sequoia} day 1 of 3 perfect adventure”

  1. annalice said

    aww its always sad when falls are dried out. but this place looks beautiful!

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