{sequoia} day 2 of 3 perfect adventure

November 7, 2016

I visited Sequoia National Park for the first time for the perfect 3-day adventure. Join me in reminiscing about this amazing place. Read about day 1. Here’s day 2.

We started the day but driving to the Giant Forest Museum and then taking the shuttle down to the Moro Rock trail head. We found out that this trail was very short, but rather strenuous because it was all stairs built or chipped right out of the rock itself. It was very crowded though so the going was slow and ended up not being that strenuous. In any case, we ended up at the top with the most amazing view of the Sierra Nevada.


From Moro Rock, we decided to hike toward Crescent Meadow. Along the way, we ran into Roosevelt Tree.


There were so many Giant Sequoias in this area, aptly named the Giant Forest.


While Crescent Meadow turned out to be quite nice, we decided to continue hiking from there back toward the Giant Forest Museum, where we stayed for a little bit before driving back toward Dorst Creek Campground where we were staying. On the way back, we came across the textbook definition of a meadow.


After a short rest, we decided to continue our hiking adventure and head into Muir Grove, which starts right at the edge of Dorst Creek Campground.


It was the most beautiful hike albeit a bit dark because we were on the eastern slope of the mountains and the sun just wasn’t reaching.


As soon as we got to the western slope though, not only the sun, but the Giant Sequoias appeared again.


What a lovely day of hiking.


And what an impressively tall Sequoia to end day 2!

2 Responses to “{sequoia} day 2 of 3 perfect adventure”

  1. annalice said

    nothing more fulfilling than a long day of hiking!

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