{sequoia} day 3 of 3 perfect adventure

November 8, 2016

I visited Sequoia National Park for the first time for the perfect 3-day adventure. Join me in reminiscing about this amazing place. Read about day 1 and day 2. Here’s day 3.

Day 3 was a bit short than the first two days because we had to make our way back to San Francisco and who knew how the traffic would be, but still it was a great end to our Giant Sequoia adventure.


First we visited General Grant area where we saw a huge number of Giant Sequoias all over the place, including one that had been used as a horse stable after it had fallen over.


General Grant was, of course, an incredibly impressive sight that an iphone picture can hardly capture.


The other Sequoias in the area were equally tremendous.


Before heading home, we also decided to hike Big Stump Trail, where we got to see giant (entirely massive) Sequoia stumps that belonged to trees that had been cut down in the 1800s.


The Mark Twain stump is so large you have to climb up wooden stairs to get to it.


There was also a giant fallen Sequoia next to the trail open for exploration right before we returned to the car and had to head home.


It’s always sad to see a vacation end, but I had just the most impressive time with these impressive trees! Until next time, Sequoia National Park!


One Response to “{sequoia} day 3 of 3 perfect adventure”

  1. Mel & Suan said

    Wow, so nice! We wanted to drive from SF but decided not to when we realize the time and distance did not support a day drive…want to get there!

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