[room 209m] week twelve author visit

November 10, 2016


Recently, I was able to set up a really neat opportunity for my students. We had been reading books by the author Arthur Dorros for Latino Heritage Month. We had read his books Papá and Me, Mamá and Me, and Abuelo. On a whim, I decided to fill in the “Contact the Author” page on his author website. Lo and behold, the man actually responded, and the very next morning. I was so impressed!

We ended up setting up a Skype visit since that seemed most feasible at the moment. It’s still possible that maybe we’ll set up an in-person visit, but this was such an exciting event in it of itself. I just loved seeing how the students were so amazed that they could talk to someone through the computer screen projected on the white board. They were even able to ask him questions and I was actually pretty impressed that they came up with questions on the spot.

The entire visit was so nice. First he introduced himself, then read them his most famous book, Abuela, which we happened not to have read, then drew with them for a little while before answering audience questions. After the fact, the students responded by drawing a picture. I plan on sending the pictures to this generous man who took time out of his day for my students!


Reading the book Abuela

Drawing with the students

Students responding to the author visit after it was over

2 Responses to “[room 209m] week twelve author visit”

  1. annalice said

    wow this is so sweet!! what an awesome guy to do that!

  2. Special Ed said

    How nice. It’s people like this wonderful author that make all the difference in this crazy world of ours! Can you show some of the drawings?

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