{napa} castello di amorosa castle

November 12, 2016

Recently, my family was in town for a long weekend. We went up to Napa for some Sunday Funday time because none of us had actually been up there. One of my sisters went to Berkeley so all of us had come and visited her at some point, which meant they had already done all of the typical touristy San Francisco stuff, too. Napa seemed to be the most logical next step for some fun wine tasting (except for my youngest sister who still isn’t 21).

Our first winery was Castello Di Amorosa. This amazing place is an 13th-century Tuscan-inspired castle and winery. I thought it was really neat to get a chance to not only get your typical wine tasting, but get a chance to self-tour the castle as well. The pricing of all this in Napa was a shock to me though even if the man in charge of our tasting was extremely nice and attentive. We even took a fun selfie altogether. Since my family isn’t a huge wine family, I think in the end we decided that La Fastasia was our favorite. This is what they call the “baby maker” – “an Italian style soft sparkling wine which is lower in alcohol, naturally sweet and refreshing with bright aromas of cherry, exotic flowers and wild berries.” So sweet and delicious!

A royal photo adventure:









One Response to “{napa} castello di amorosa castle”

  1. annalice said

    this was so much fun!! some of those wines were actually fairly tasty!

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