{napa} 2 birds 1 stone

November 14, 2016

Since Napa is an extremely expensive place to wine and dine, we decided to only eat one major meal here: lunch. Even just lunch was quite expensive, but then again we picked a rather nice place to try out our Napa eating adventure. During my family’s visit to Napa, my dad found this place called Two Birds One Stone. We didn’t know it before arriving, but this turned out to be another one of those tapas locations with (expensive) small dishes.

After much debate, we decided on the following Asian-inspired tapas dishes: the Hirame Sashimi, the Rare King Salmon, the Savory Japanese Pancake, and the Fried Forbidden Rice. Both the Hirame Sashimi and the Rare King Slamon came with such tiny pieces of fish that we could barely split it. The Savory Japanese Pancake came at a expected size and was actually quite delicious. The Fried Forbidden Rice was a pretty large portion, but was a bit too oily.

We also decided on the large Crispy Chicken platter, which was a good choice because without it we probably would have never ended up full. All in all though, quite a delicious meal albeit a bit expensive, but not bad for six people in Napa!

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Hirame Sashimi

Rare King Salmon

Savory Japanese Pancake

Fried Forbidden Rice

Crispy Chicken


2 Responses to “{napa} 2 birds 1 stone”

  1. The food looks amazing. I’ll have to put this on my list of places to visit next time I’m in the area

  2. annalice said

    some were such small portions!! but the chicken and rice was gooooood

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