{napa} pope valley, not napa

November 15, 2016

After visiting Castello di Amorosa and then eating lunch at Two Birds One Stone, we decided to visit one more winery, Pope Valley Winery. Technically I learned that Pope Valley is not the same as Napa Valley, but close enough I would think especially when a non-native NorCal person is considering the geography of the area.

This place was very different from Castello di Amorosa because rather than being filled with customers, we were started off the only group in the entire place; and instead of rather large production, this place had a much smaller homey feel. The woman in charge of our wine tasting was the same person my dad talked to when he made the reservation for our tasting. She was super laid back and poured a couple of extra wines for us to taste since there really weren’t that many people around. At the end, we even got to go inside the wine cellar and walk among the oak barrels. A neat experience for sure!

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A Pope Valley photo adventure:








One Response to “{napa} pope valley, not napa”

  1. annalice said

    this place was also fun!! small homey feel

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