{sugarloaf ridge} bald mtn

November 20, 2016

Two weekends ago, I have Friday off for Veterans Day, which turned my regular weekend into a glorious three-day weekend! One of my favorite three-day weekend activities is camping so I decided to head over the Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. Located on the boarder of Sonoma dn Napa counties, Sugarloaf Ridge isn’t too far away, which made the drive over a short jaunt compared to some of the California National Parks that I usually visit.

The highest peak in at Sugarloaf Ridge is Bald Mountain. Of course, Bald Mountain is a small hill compared to the Sierra Nevada mountain range, but I was told that it gives a beautiful view of the surrounding area so I had to give it a try. While the hike itself wasn’t as long as I expected, it actually turned out to be quite the workout because it was pretty much a steady uphill the entire way. Eventually I didn’t really notice the uphill anymore because uphill became the new norm, but it was a good workout nonetheless. And it turns out that the hike up there was worth it because the view of the surrounding areas (Napa and Sonoma) and even the Sierras in the distance were beautiful!

Hello top of Bald Mountain!



One Response to “{sugarloaf ridge} bald mtn”

  1. annalice said

    prettty!! love exploring new hikes

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