{sugarloaf ridge} walk to pluto

November 21, 2016

I took a three-day weekend camping and hiking adventure to Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. Read about hiking up Bald Mountain here.

Bald Mountain isn’t the only hiking adventure available at Sugarload Rudge State Park. In fact, I’m guessing a lot of school groups come out to this park because they have a really neat way to encourage scientific thinking while hiking. One of the trails is called Walk to Pluto.

Here’s what the introduction for this trail says: “Can you see the planet Pluto from here? If the Sun were the size of the large yellow spot on this sign, Pluto would be as far away as the most distant ridge visible directly in front of you, and smaller than the period at the end of this sentence. The Solar System is much larger and emptier than most people realize. To illustrate this, we have reduced the size of the Solar System more than two billion times to fit within the park boundaries.”

Now isn’t that really neat?!? What an awesome hike!


Walking to Pluto!

First the inner planets, including Earth

Walking along the beautiful trails!

These weird red-barked trees

Autumn leaves!

sugarridge-pluto6Crazy mushrooms all around!

Finally … Pluto!

Sunset along the trail


One Response to “{sugarloaf ridge} walk to pluto”

  1. annalice said

    thats actually really cool!! beautiful pics dajie

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