{sugarloaf ridge} inner tree leaves trails

November 22, 2016

I took a three-day weekend camping and hiking adventure to Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. Read about hiking up Bald Mountain here and Walking to Pluto here.

Even more than going up Bald Mountain and Walking to Pluto, I’m pretty sure I totally fell in love with Sugarloaf Ridge because I visited at the perfect time of year. Late autumn in this part of Northern California is beautiful there is real fall foliage. The inner trails at Sugarloaf Ridge were filled with oaks and maples that were shedding like crazy every time even the slightest breeze slithered through the crinkly leaves. It was glorious and I have no more words to describe the beauty of what I saw … just that the yellow maple leaves strewn across the green moss-covered rocks made me feel like I was walking in a fairy land.

A perfect tree leaves photo adventure:





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