[good reads] puerto rico

November 27, 2016


goodreads-puertoricoI’ve decided that my next trip is going to be to Puerto Rico. This is going to be a shorter trip and is kind of a no big deal trip because it’s technically still within the United States (kind of). I’ll have phone usage since Puerto Rico is on the same system as the rest of the continental United States in terms of phone service. In short, it’s like going to another country because things are obviously very different there than, San Francisco, let’s say; but in general, not that far away.

In order to prepare for my trip, I decided to order my go-to Lonely Planet for Puerto Rico so I can learn more about the different areas. Yesterday I spent the entire day on a train and ended up spending a good amount of time on reading. I learned all about the bioluminescent bays (there are three of them) on or around the main island. I read about some of the interesting history around old San Juan. And I read all about Bacardí and its start on the island. Now I’m super excited about this trip, but super worried about how to fit everything I want to do into my short five days there!


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