[room 209m] week fifteen blues

December 1, 2016


It’s been a blue week here in Room 209M. The week after Thanksgiving is often a blue week, I’ve found, because it marks the beginning of a long three weeks before the holiday break. Three weeks isn’t really that long and my own classroom is great. Of course I have students who struggle, including a new one who has recently thrown off the balance of the class quite a bit, but in general things are going fairly well. Why all the blues, you ask? Well, special education often needs to be thought of as a team sport and when it feels like the rest of your team is not on your team, it makes the work day seem that much longer. This is that much more true when I’ve literally been working 12 hour days!

None of this is to say that I’m not looking forward to the next couple of weeks before holiday break though. Here’s what’s in store:

– Many read alouds based on versions of the original gingerbread man story
– Building gingerbread houses
– Making and playing with gingerbread playdough
– A field trip to the public library
– Writing non-fiction text for my older students
– Learning how to copy accurately for my younger students
– Becoming proficient in adding single digits (younger kids) and double digits (older kids)

See? Lots in store! Actually quite exciting!~~ Maybe I shouldn’t be so blue after all!


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