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December 4, 2016

I feel like in typical American fashion, I didn’t know a lot of about German food. I knew that Germany is big on beer, bratwursts, and sauerkraut. Maybe it was these low expectations that led to me being pleasently surprised in Berlin where I thought the school was just amazing! First of all, they were so generous with their portions, but not in a ridiculous way like in the United States sometimes. The food was always delicious and refreshing, too. I especially liked the breakfasts, which often consisted of bread, cheeses, eggs, and some fresh sliced cucumbers/tomatoes. Of course this came with ample amounts of delicious butter and even more delicious coffee. I think part of the reason I thought food in Berlin was so delicious though was the fact that there is a far amount of foreign influence. For example, the donners and the various curried foods, not authentically German, but common due to the large immigrant population now present in Berlin and all over the country. All in all, eating my way through Berlin was a delicious adventure for my tongue!

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2 Responses to “{berlin} german life eats”

  1. Mel & Suan said

    We love German food. We have come to appreciate that there are regional differences. The potato dumpling in the south for example does not exist elsewhere!

  2. annalice said

    looks delicious!! I don’t have much experience with German food, will have to try it sometime

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