{sf} height sights of buena vista park

December 6, 2016

Even though San Francisco is a very small city (geographically speaking), it’s actually filled with many parks and green spaces. Of course there’s the giant Golden Gate Park, which takes up an immense amount of space in the central western part of the city, but there are smaller, but just as beautiful spots of green all over the City as well. One of these is Buena Vista Park, which is located right by my apartment. The other day, I went on a stroll/hike though Buena Vista Park. I call it a stroll because once you’re in the park it’s a nice walk. I call it a hike because getting up to the park itself is a hike! From my apartment, I have to climb up, up, and up to get to the park, which happens to be located on a giant hill! The hill is so high that in fact the MUNI train tunnels through it instead of going around or on it. In any case, I had a lovely time and sure do love my city hikes with vistas buenas!

A Buena Vista photo adventure:







One Response to “{sf} height sights of buena vista park”

  1. annalice said

    what a nice view!! sometimes the smaller parks are actually prettier than the bigger famous ones

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