{sf} thoroughly bred bread

December 10, 2016

Since moving to the Duboce Triangle neighborhood in San Francisco, I haven’t spent much time exploring my new surroundings and all the perks that come with living here. I do pretty regularly walk by this bread and pastry shop with a very clever name though and finally decided to stop in the other day. Thorough Bread and Pastry may just sound like a cleverly-named cafe with fresh-baked foods and coffee drinks, but I was thoroughly impressed when I got my order. I was just passing by so I wasn’t going to buy an entire sit down coffee drink and pastry. Instead, I decided on a mushroom and onion turnover, which they heated up for me. I was entirely surprised by how delicious the turnover turned out to be. I can’t imagine how much butter went into making just this one turnover (I actually saw them making more in the back) but oh my goodness all those calories were worth it because the thing was so flaky and delicious. I have seriously never tasted anything like it before. Hopefully this turnover speaks for the rest of the products this place produces, too, because I may have to stop in here more often!



One Response to “{sf} thoroughly bred bread”

  1. annalice said

    ooo savory! I am sure the sweet options are good you, you should try them!

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