[good reads] hawaii

December 11, 2016


goodreads-hawaiiAt the same time that I ordered my Puerto Rico Lonely Planet book, I also got their guide to Hawaii. I decided to go to Hawaii for Spring Break this school year (next calendar year). And since my mom has a more flexible schedule, we decided to go to Hawaii together! It’s going to be an interesting trip. We’ve decided to fly separately (me from SF and she from San Diego). We’re going to meet in Maui first and then leave to come back to the continental United States from Honolulu. There are cheap local flights that fly along the islands so getting from one island to another won’t be a problem, but I haven’t sat down to hammer out those details yet. Since we don’t have too much time there, I’m thought that reading this book first would give me a good idea of how to best use our time to get all the hikes, beach time, and city things in. Based on what I’ve read I’m guessing most of our beach time will be in Maui. Honolulu is also fairly easy to get around with public transportation like buses while Maui isn’t as easy so hopefully we can find a spot close to the beach in Maui! I’m so excited to finally visit Hawaii. I’ve never taken a solo trip with my mom before either (even though I have with each of my sisters) so this should be interesting!


One Response to “[good reads] hawaii”

  1. annalice said

    im seriously so jealous!!! how fun to go on a trip with mamie!

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