{ca coast} la union train-over

December 12, 2016

On a recent back from San Diego to see my parents, I decided to take the train instead of fly. What?!? You might be thinking. Yes, I decided to train it instead of fly it. Of course I had to first make sure there were trains that went along the California coast. Turns out there is. After getting on the train in Solana Beach (instead of downtown San Diego because my parents live in the north of the city), the first major stop over was in Los Angeles. Upon arrival, I got off at Union Station and had about an hour to buy some coffee (thank you Starbucks gift card) and get my seat assignment for the next leg of my trip.

I did have some extra time though since coffee and seat assignments don’t take an entire hour so I decided to walk around for a bit and see what I could find. In the end, I discovered a really large train/bus transit station with murals, Christmas decorations since it’s that time of year, and even a large fish tank. Even though it’s a beautiful place I’m glad my “train-over” was only an hour though because, well, stations get kind of boring!

A train-over photo adventure:









One Response to “{ca coast} la union train-over”

  1. Everything i look at a post from California, it’s hard to believe i grew up here

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