{ca coast} sd to sf via train

December 13, 2016

Recently I took a long train ride from San Diego to San Francisco. OK, let’s get the facts straight. This train ride took quite literally an entire day and was actually two train rides and a bus ride.

First, my mom sent me off at the Solana Beach Amtrak Station (just north of San Diego). Then my train went to Los Angeles where I had a one hour train-over. The next leg of my journey would be the longest part (11 hours) on a train from Los Angeles to Oakland, California. From Oakland I got on a large bus with many other train riders and then bus driver dropped us off in various parts of San Francisco because the Amtrak train doesn’t actually stop in San Francisco at all.

During my train ride I was able to take some pictures though not as many as I would have liked because I had the aisle seat instead of a window seat. The aisle seat of course has its perks (like ease of walking around and going to the bathroom), but I suppose for this it would have been nice to have a window seat especially since there was so much legroom I could have gotten out without waking up the person next to me. Anyway, the train ride up along the California coast was quite beautiful even if quite wet because it happened to be raining most of the day. I’m not sure I would embark on such a journey again though because, my goodness, it makes for a long day!

A coastal photo adventure:








One Response to “{ca coast} sd to sf via train”

  1. annalice said

    nice pier pics!! man that sounds so long haha

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