[room 209m] week seventeen library trip

December 15, 2016


Last week we went our first field trip of the year! I love going on field trip even though they tire me out so much because I feel like I have to be 1000 times more vigilant than normal. I mean, I don’t really have any runners but I do have students who are completely unaware of danger and do not yet understand how to stay safe. Our first trip was a small one though and we stayed in the neighborhood. Along with another class, we walked to the community library and had a session with the library who read the students a book, gave them a tour of the library, and then had students look through books to borrow. My students are currently loving dinosaurs so half of them checked out books about dinosaurs. Of course we checked these books out on my library card and then I returned them to make sure nothing got lost. After our time in the library, we got some play time in the attached playground, ate a picnic lunch outside, then took a short walk to the local grocery store. Seriously the kids just loved the grocery store and talking about all the vegetables! What a fun trip!


Sitting for a librarian read aloud

Touring the parts of the library


Playground time!


2 Responses to “[room 209m] week seventeen library trip”

  1. annalice said

    do you have to get permission slips signed for field trips? I remember having to do that in elementary school

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