{poznan} renaissance-style, day 3

December 19, 2016

Did you know Poznan is known for its famous goats? There’s an entire story behind this, which I can’t go into detail about here, but here’s the short version: When the Pozan town hall (along with most of the rest of the town square) was rebuilt after the great fire, the town decided to have a great celebration. A young kitchen hand named Pietrek was in charge of finding the goats for the celebratory meal. After some mishap, Pietrek was able to gather two billy goats from the nearby meadow. When the goats realized they were about to be cooked though, they ran into the town square’s clock tower where they went on to headbutt each other. And that is why everyday at noon, if you’re looking at the clock tower, you’ll see two mechanical billy goats appear and start head butting each other!

The goats weren’t the only thing I saw during my third day in Poznan though. The Croissant Museum where I actually got to participate in making real Poznan-style croissants was pretty awesome, too, along with the June 1956 Events Monument and Zamek Cultural Center.

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A renaissance-style photo adventure:










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  1. annalice said

    very interesting…

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