[good reads] stairway walks in sf

December 25, 2016


goodreads-stairwaywalksSometimes I don’t want to buy a book because it’s too expensive or I just want to read a certain part of it. This was the case for Stairway Walks in San Francisco: The Joy of Urban Exploring by Mary Burk. I had actually heard about this book awhile ago, but didn’t really put in the effort to look for it online. Lucky for me, I actually found it in a used book store that’s between my apartment and the meeting spot for the church I attend. Due to this new find, I’ve stopped in to this used bookstore a few times to read this book. So let’s be honest here, I have definitely not finished this entire book, but have read portions of it. I feel like I can some authority to say that it’s quite unique though seriously gives you a new way to explore your own city.

I mean, we all know that San Francisco is one hilly place. There are 42 hills here! Think the infamous Lombard Street if you’re questioning what I’m saying here. But who knew that there are actually hundreds of staircases in the City that help poor pedestrians like me walk around without dying … as much. Well, this book gives you all the lowdown on I’m guessing every single staircase in the City, history behind it, and just so many details. What a fun way to explore the City! I haven’t done too many of these walks yet, but the staircases I have found thanks to this book are pretty neat.

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