{wroclaw} gnome highlights 1

December 26, 2016

The krasnale or gnomes of Wroclaw are actually what have made this city incredibly famous. In fact, the gnomes are the real reason I wanted to make sure I had at least a day to spend in Wroclaw even though I was a little pressed for time in visiting all the Polish cities on my list.

The fact that this city is just dotted with small metal gnomes all over the city square and beyond makes it almost seem as though it’s just a tourist trap, it’s not. This whole gnome thing started due to the tense political climate in the 1980s. A group called the Orange Alternative movement used strange ways to protest. During communism, any anti-establishment art or graffiti was painted over by the government so the Orange Alternative movement started painting over the establishment paint with gnomes. Soon this movement grew and more and more gnomes emerged throughout the city!

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A gnome-filled photo adventure:














2 Responses to “{wroclaw} gnome highlights 1”

  1. annalice said

    how big are these gnomes? hard to tell from the pictures if they are a couple feet tall or like < 1 foot

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