{wroclaw} gnome highlights 2

December 27, 2016

The gnomes of Wroclaw may have started in the 1980s during communism as a way for the anti-establishment groups to protest the government, but it’s exploded since then. Some of the gnomes are linked to the area that they’re found in. For example there’s a gnome riding a pigeon on a ledge that pigeons often populate. There’s also a gnome that looks like he’s behind bars where a local jail used to be. The most famous gnome also happens to be the largest one. Papa Krasnal stands the corner of ul. Świdnicka and ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego, near the subway where Orange Alternative demonstrations often took place. Like many of his kind, he was commissioned by a specific group for a specific reason. Companies through Wroclaw will commission gnomes to be made to welcome patrons in, too. I just loved looking for all these gnomes throughout the city!

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A gnome-filled photo adventure:













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