{harbin} chinglish

January 4, 2017


We saw a treasure trove of chinglish signs and posts on our Harbin travel.


The 2nd line is actually trying to say “Watch Your Steps.”


“I only flower once per year. Please keep hands off.”


“The alpine wetland takes a long time to grow, please do not trample the vegetation.”


“Keep hands off the flowers”


It’s trying to say: “Do not trample the alpine wetland. It has long growth cycle.”

Yet, there are others that are translated quite eloquently.


While the chinglish is good source of amusement, it appears the knowledge to do proper, even eloquent translation is available. It just needs to make sure the knowledge and knowledgeable persons are placed in the right place.


2 Responses to “{harbin} chinglish”

  1. annalice said

    hahah these are so funny! why don’t they get people who actually speak English to translate these signs??

  2. skwchang said

    Well…in China, it’s all about relations or connection. The persons in position to do the translation is probably some big shot’s cousin or brother-in-law. They didn’t get there because of their English knowledge.

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