{monaco} tiny trip for tiny city-state

January 16, 2017

Monaco is one of those tiny places in the world that you can totally explore in one day and then say that you’ve been to an entire other country. It’s also one of those strange places where you wonder how this place even exists. I mean, why is there a country (or technically, city state, I guess) that’s smaller than a normal city? What is the point? What is the point of such a tiny country where an elementary school student can count all their citizens? Especially when it’s such a tiny country that’s known for ritz and glitz.

Anyway, despite all these glaring questions, I was able to go to Monaco for a mere day and feel pretty comfortable in saying that I’ve explored Grace Kelly’s place. It amazes me that such a tiny place has its own monarchy, but, hey, it makes it all the more interesting when you visit, because you could literally see the royal family! Of course, there’s also the very famous Monte Carlo Casino, which I visited, but was slightly underwhelmed probably because I’m used to the modern grandeur of Las Vegas.

Personally, I think the drive along the Three Corniches in the French Riviera that connect Nice (France) to Monaco (also where Grace Kelly died) are all the more breathtaking than the tiny offerings of Monaco itself.

A tiny city-state photo adventure:









One Response to “{monaco} tiny trip for tiny city-state”

  1. annalice said

    a tiny country…thats kinda cool though! like fairytale-esque

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