{palm springs} elmer’s restaurant, not glue

January 17, 2017

My family recently went on a mini family vacation. Granted it was only a one-night event, but still we got some good eats in during our time together. One of these good eats providers was Elmer’s Restaurant in Palm Springs. Elmer’s actually a smaller chain that originated from the Pacific Northwest, so they focus a lot of their menu items on ingredients from that area like Dungeness Crab. Most importantly though, is that despite being set up kind of like an iHop or Denny’s, Elmer’s has amazing Dutch Babies. What are Dutch Babies? Dutch Babies (or German Pancakes) are giant sweet popovers. The traditional “flavor” comes with powdered sugar, butter, and lemon wedges. My sisters and I also tried the Apple and Cherry Strudel German Pancake, which was absolutely amazing. Yum!!!

Dungeness Crab Benedict

Crabacado Omelet

Country Cousins Skillet

Classic German Pancake

Apple and Cheery Strudel German Pancake


One Response to “{palm springs} elmer’s restaurant, not glue”

  1. annalice said

    the food was sooo good despite its dennys’-like features

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