[room 209m] week twenty two snowmen

January 19, 2017


Since it’s winter, my school’s art teacher and I discussed making snowmen with my students this week. I know it doesn’t actually snow in San Francisco, and the fact that there aren’t four traditional seasons is actually one of my reservations about staying in this city, but kids learn about winter and associate it with snow anyway.

In our snowman project, students ripped white paper and then glued them in an overlapping fashion to create unique snowmen. I loved this project because even though all the students were given the exact same template and supplies, each of their snowmen turned out to be as unique as they are. Plus, it’s like the one time all school year they’re allowed to rip paper!

Lots of white paper to glue!

More white paper to glue!

Gluing snowmen body parts

Final products!


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