{oceanside} guajome walking, not hiking

January 31, 2017

Just a little bit north of San Diego is Oceanside. My grandmother used to live in Oceanside and I kind of just associate it with being, well, on the side of the ocean. In any case, my family found a random park, Guajome Regional Park, located in Oceanside so we decided to do a family hike. For sure the hiking abilities within the family are quite varied so it turned out well that this was not acutally much of a hike, instead more a random walk around this park. The negative is that the maps at this park and the trail signs are quite lacking, which means we didn’t really know where we were walking (not hiking) for much of the time we were on the go. Either way, I think we ended up seeing the correct lake or at least one of the lakes we were headed for?

A walking photo adventure:






One Response to “{oceanside} guajome walking, not hiking”

  1. annalice said

    haha definitely not a hike

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