[room 209m] week twenty four ruby bridges

February 2, 2017


After Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks, the third important Black mind my students learned about was Ruby Bridges. Remember, for my school’s African American Heritage Celebration this year the theme is Black Minds Matter. Ruby Bridges was particularly interesting for my students because we learned about her as a young child. Though I know she continues to be an important activist in her adult life, the students loved that one of these important people we were learning about wasn’t an adult and wasn’t already dead! For my youngest students, here’s a look at our three-day series of activities related to learning about Ruby Bridges.

Day 1: What is the main idea?

Day 2: Why is Ruby Bridges an important person?

Day 3: This important Black Mind is Ruby Bridges.


2 Responses to “[room 209m] week twenty four ruby bridges”

  1. annalice said

    hmm i never heard of ruby bridges! i should look into her myself

  2. attrace said

    Aww great way to get them started early learning about civil rights!

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