{tijauna} fancy misión 19

February 5, 2017

One of Tijuana’s biggest draws right now is its revolutionized food scene. One of its most well-known spots currently is Misión 19. Of course this meant that I had to go try this place out, especially since food prices in Tijuana are so much cheaper than in San Diego where I was visiting in the first place.

Walking in, I was kind of intimidated by this place because it was so incredibly fancy! The wait staff were incredibly nice though and my family was able to order from both the Spanish and English menus; and, of course, found entrees that were of interest for each of our individual taste buds. I was most impressed with the different kinds of mini bread varieties they brought around for each individual person to choose, and the free chicarón appetizer they brought out before the meal. Yum! If I ever get a chance to visit this place again though, I’m going to for sure try the set meal multi-course meals, that way I can try even more dishes!

Chicarón appetizer

Bread varieties

Grilled Oysters

Scallop Parfait

Shrimp Medley

Ribeye Steak



3 Responses to “{tijauna} fancy misión 19”

  1. annalice said

    this food looks quite delicious and authentic!

  2. attrace said

    Ooohh did it end up being cheap? Looks fancy!

  3. skwchang said

    Fairly inexpensive, by US dollar standard. Not sure if it’s worth going there often, or to try out other restaurants, because of the long wait at the border crossing.
    Also, it may not be far from the border, but you really need to be able to speak Spanish.

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