[good reads] the last survivors

February 12, 2017


goodreads-lastsurvivorsI’ve been continuing my iPad iBooks kick into the second month of 2017. My most recent random read was The Last Survivors (A Dystopian Society in a Post-Apocalyptic World • Book 1) by T.W. Piperbrook and Bobby Adair. Usually I’m not that into science fiction because the stories get too weird and I feel like they’re all about doomsday. This book was similar in the sense that it was quite doomsday-esque. In this series written by a partnership of two authors occurs in a post-modern world where all the technologies of today are gone. The cannibalistic creatures that were once humans had killed off almost all of humanity. The handful that were left have since procreated but they live in an almost-medieval society. There are the remains of our modern skyscrapers and cities, but the people don’t live in these areas. Instead, they live in olden day-like villages and are constantly on guard against these zombie-like creatures who seasonally give off spores that infect humans and turn the humans into these mangled disgusting creatures. The setting of the series is actually quite disturbing, but through it all, you meet a mother, Ella, who goes against all odds to protect her son, William, so perhaps it’s more a story of heroism rather than highlighting a future grotesque world?


2 Responses to “[good reads] the last survivors”

  1. annalice said

    hmm this actually sounds quite interesting! might try to take a look when i get a chance

  2. This does sound interesting. I’ve never heard of it before this – thanks for sharing!

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