{iceland} ring road day 1

February 13, 2017

Last summer, I went on an amazing 9 day trip to Iceland. Iceland is definitely the hot place to go right now and I’ve heard about so many people visiting this amazing island! During a 9 day trip, you can essentially rent a car and drive the Ring Road (Route 1) around almost the entire island. It’s an amazing adventure!

I was so stoked to go on this trip to Iceland because I had heard that the island is just so beautiful. Boy was I wrong! The place is more than beautiful. In fact, it is breathtaking! Just on day one, I saw whales breaching off the coast of Keflavik, walked in the rift between the European and American tectonic plates that also rises straight out of the ocean at Valahnukur, breathed in the smelly fumes of the Gunnuhver hot spring, and saw mud and sulfur bubbling and boiling at the surface of the Earth at Seltún! What an unbelievable start to my Icelandic Ring Road adventure!

The first Icelandic photo adventure:










4 Responses to “{iceland} ring road day 1”

  1. annalice said

    so jealous! I must go someday

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