{iceland} ring road day 2

February 14, 2017

Waking up after my first day in Iceland, I felt like I was in a dream. Was I really traveling around this magical island? What more is there for me to see? Can my mind really be blown any more than it already has been? Of course the answer to all these questions was yes!

Upon leaving our first hostel, we were very thankful to the hostel owner who recommended that we visit the Raufarhólshellir ice cave. It veered slightly from our intended route, but I am so glad we decided to visit this ice cave. If only we had brought more caving gear including headlamps because then we would have really been able to climb farther into this cave. Upon climbing out of the ice cave, we headed toward a hike in Hveragerdi that led us to the Reykjadalur River, which is a natural hot spring. Imagine sitting in a hot/warm river!

The second half our day involved a quite rocky ferry ride from the mainland to Vestmannaeyjar Island, which is known for its massive lupine fields and puffins. We didn’t see any puffins, but lupine fields, yes! Right outside Heimaey, the main town on Vestmannaeyjar we also got a chance to climb up Eldfell volcano, which erupted within recent memory and you can actually see homes that are half covered in the lava!

And being that it’s Valentine’s Day … let me tell you, I love lupine!

Read more about our Iceland adventures here: ring road day 1

The second Icelandic photo adventure:









2 Responses to “{iceland} ring road day 2”

  1. annalice said

    pics look so beautiful, almost unreal!

  2. Agnes Gawlik said


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