{san diego} the sad state of professional sports team

February 15, 2017


San Diego used to have 3 professional sports teams: Basketball Clippers, Football Chargers, Baseball Padres. In 2017, the sad state of San Diego professional sports team took another hit. It is down to just one. Only the Major League Baseball team Padres still call San Diego home. San Diego lost both the Clippers and the Chargers to Los Angeles. All we need is for the Padres to also move north for a trifecta. Hey, LA, interested in a 3rd baseball team?


In 1984, San Diego Clippers moved to Los Angeles, a city owned by its perennial winner, the Lakers, they of 16 NBA championships. How many championship have the Clippers won, before or after 1984? Zero.

In 2017, San Diego Chargers decided to move to Los Angeles, after San Diego residents resoundingly defeated a referendum to pay for a stadium for the Chargers. It will share a football venue with another NFL team, the LA Rams. LA greeted the news like another Kardashian story – yawn, enough already!

Obviously, there were financial reasons for all these moves. But, fans don’t care about that. Fans want winners.

Poor LA. For 20 years, you proved you don’t need a professional football team. Now, two teams are thrusted upon you. Two winners? For the regular season just ended, from Dec. 1 on, the two NFL franchises now call Los Angeles home, the Rams and the Chargers, were a combined 0-10. Yikes! Good luck, Los Angeles.


One Response to “{san diego} the sad state of professional sports team”

  1. annalice said

    whatttt?! i didn’t realize the chargers moved! how sad

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