{iceland} ring road day 3

February 18, 2017

Iceland is known for its crazy waterfalls and glaciers. I mean, there just aren’t that many places that are cold and warm enough in the same place (if that makes sense) that water is frozen and yet falling in high volumes at the same time. Heading counter clockwise around the island, we started noticing more and more snow-capped mountains eventually leading to Skógafoss waterfall in Skógar. Of course it just so happened that a double rainbow AND a white bird flew into view during a mini photo session, too, which made for some amazing photos of this enormous waterfall. Next stop was Sólheimajökull glacier, which I literally walked up to and touched, even licked and tasted a bit of that glacier melt water.

The second major waterfall of the day (I say major because there were tons of smaller ones in between and there’s no way I can remember all their names) were the Svartifoss Black Falls at Vatnajökull National Park in Skaftafell. These black basalt columns didn’t even look like rock formations to me. They almost took on a strange wood feel.

The last stop of the day was Jöklasel, which was an ethereal experience. Imagine the giant Jokulsarlon Lagoon filled with icebergs melting off Vatnajökull Glacier. The scene was other worldly, especially in places where you were able to climb down to the lagoon edge and pick up smaller ice chunks. Then, if you followed the icebergs out as they floated beyond the lagoon, they ended up scattered along a Glacial Black Sand Beach. Now that’s an amazing contrast view!

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The third Icelandic photo adventure:












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  1. This really makes me want to go there.

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