[good reads] the pillars of the earth

February 26, 2017


goodreads-pillarsofearthSenior year of high school, I took a Medieval Literature class for English Lit. credit. I’m not sure why my high school offered this type of course since it seems random and a little too specific. Anyway, I learned a lot about the Medival times, so much so that perhaps it was a half history/half literature course. Aside from Dante’s Inferno, one of the other books we read for that course was Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth. I remember reading and enjoying this book tremendously because the architecture portion of it was interesting to me. Not so interesting was having to write essays about it. Anyway, this many years later, I decided to read The Pillars of the Earth again and since this time I didn’t have to write any essays about it, I enjoyed it even more so.

The entire work is incredibly, intriguingly written by Follett and really draws the reader into the lives of first Tom and Ellen after Tom loses Agnes to the birth of Jonathan, then later Jack and Aliena constantly living under the shadow of William’s lust for revenge. Of course the novel (though that word doesn’t seem to really cover what this book really is) is truly a love story. A love story between men and women; men and God; and a builder and his architectural masterpiece. It’s a love story filled with war, pride, deceit, incredibly amounts of scheming, ultimately, so much hate. And with that said, who wouldn’t want to read a book like that? Even if it is just about 1,000 pages long!

Now, the question is: Do I want to read World Without End, the much anticipated squeal to The Pillars of the Earth?


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